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“The Parrots International symposium is a trip into the Parrot’s world; they bring together researchers, veterinarians and parrot-loving people to share their knowledge. As researcher, I consider the Parrots International Symposium the Best. At each Symposium I have found I can find and share information and methodologies with other researchers working with different species in other countries. It is a wonderful symposium that has helped my conservation work and I would not like to miss it in 2009”.

Dr. Neiva Maria Robaldo Guedes
Presidente do Instituto Arara Azul
Coordenadora do Projeto Arara Azul/UNIDERP
Doutoranda em Zoologia pela UNESP/Botucatu

The Parrot International symposium has provided an important platform to present my parrot conservation work and hear the fantastic work of others from across the world. I learn a great deal from the many outstanding speakers, gleaning new ideas to improve my field conservation work and meeting many like-minded parrot conservationists.

Dr. Paul Salaman
International Programs Director
American Bird Conservancy
4249 Loudoun Avenue, PO Box 249,
The Plains, VA 20198, USA

“I was really impressed with the PI Symposium the first time that I attended it! It was great! I participated on the last three ones, and each year is a great pleasure to see so many parrot researches gathered togheter! It is a very complete conference, with high level presentations, that can please both parrot breeders and conservationists. I think that PI makes a wonderfull job linking the field conservation to the captivity breeding efforts. The Symposium makes possible that you know the parrot conservation projects going on around the world and get in direct contact with the researchers. The exchange of knowledge and experience, the involvement of the parrot breeders with the conservation programs and the awareness that result from the Symposium are certainly important tools to the parrot conservation.”

Dra. Yara De Melo Barros
Terrestrian Fauna Conservation Coordination
Threatened Fauna General Coordination
Biodiversity Conservation Directorate
Institute Chico Mendes of Biodiversity Conservation

“I have attended two P.I. Symposiums. Each time I was extremely impressed by the excellent organisation, and by the choice of speakers and the very high standard of their presentations. For me these meetings are extra special because the conservation of neotropical parrots has absorbed me even before I wrote Endangered Parrots in 1984 and no other symposiums have given this subject such emphasis”.

Rosemary Low
Parrot Authority and Author

Parrots International’s annual parrot meetings are getting to be addictive. There’s something for everyone in these events. They are a great mix of solid science, field reports, conservation updates, welfare advice and health tips. And our hosts, Mark and Marie Stafford, know how to make a conference feel like a party!

Dr. Nigel Collar, PhD.
Birdlife International
Leventis Fellow in Conservation
BiologyBirdlife International
Cambridge, UK

“I have presented at the last two Parrot International Symposiums, and fully support the groups efforts to assist important parrot conservation activities with their well coordinated and informative Symposium. It is important in conservation that we are not just hidden in our countries working on a solution, but that we also have events like the Parrots International Symposium to exhibit valuable conservation work”.

Bennett Hennessey
South American Program Manager
Preventing Extinctions- BirdLife International
& Executive Director
Asociacion Armonia- BirdLife Bolivia
Santa Cruz de la Sierra