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Optional Pre- and Post- Symposium Trips to See Parrots

Optional Pre-  and Post- Symposium Trips

Professionally Guided Tours are available both before and after the Symposium to see parrots in the wild and the amazing wildlife and environment of the Pantanal. These tours include all accommodations. Remember, Campo Grande is the “Gateway to the Pantanal”

Available Tours:
1. Impact Tour Operators

 Available Pre- and Post- Symposium tours – English Version

Passeios disponíveis pré e pós-simpósio – Versão Português

2. “Wild Parrots Up Close” guide by Steve Brookes

BEFORE: Pre-Symposium Trip November 13-19 …. includes all meals, road transfers, lodging

AFTER: Post-Symposium Trip November 23 – 29 ….includes all meals, road transfers, lodging (LIMITED SPACE REMAINING!)

Steve Brookes has organized two separate amazing trips designed to be taken either side of ‘Brazil – The Land of Parrots’ the Parrot Symposium 2015 by PARROTS INTERNATIONAL (see www.pisymposium.org ) to be able to take advantage of all the local wildlife especially the Parrots.

The highlights of this trip will definitely be the Macaws, with 5 species to be seen in this area, including the very special Hyacinth Macaws. Whenever I have visited the Pantanal in Brazil, which has been very frequent over the last 15 years, I have seen Hyacinth Macaws every day and I see no reason why we should not be so fortunate again on this trip.

The Green wing Macaws are also a great pleasure to watch and what better way to do that than watching them fly below us in the ‘Macaw Hole’ known locally as ‘Buraco das Araras’, a large hole in the ground where we can walk around the edge and the Macaws nest, roost, feed and fly within the actual crater.

Throughout this trip we are likely to see in excess of 150 bird species which should include up to 17 species of Parrots including 5 Macaw species with many opportunities to photo, video or just observe them in their Natural Habitats.